Q: Which Token Is Best To Hold?

A Question that We Get Asked Frequently…

First, a little background.

The Opera Launchpad launched the GOV token, and will also help UBI Plus token in some capacity.

However, GOV is developing a 100% decentralized (and scam-resistant) launchpad for Fantom that can be used for anything, not just the usual crypto projects.

There is too much centralization with launchpads, and GOVdao seeks to change that equation by offering the only truly decentralized system in crypto that we know of. It will also make things easier and more efficient for all participants.

The key is this: Decentralization doesn’t work as long as humans have any degree of control. The solution is GOVdao, and it can be used with the entire Fantom ecosystem, from smart cities to DeFi and CBDCs and more.

The far more ‘universal’ aspect of this effort (GOVdao) goes far beyond what other launchpads are doing, on any chain.

GOVdao technology will be used by GOV as well as UBI Plus (for its privately-funded Universal Basic Income implementation).

Entities and projects using GOVdao will reserve 10% of their token supply for GOV and OPE holders, distributed over approximately 18 months according to each holder’s percentage held of the GOV and/or OPE circulating supplies.

In addition to using GOV tokens for their governance, entities and projects using GOVdao can also be incentivized to integrate OPE into their apps and systems.

In 2014 the founder of OPE created a model that changed the face of crypto forever, and helped bring billions of value into the space, but was little-understood at the time. (Indeed, it took 3 years for it to become popular.) OPE / GOV / UBI represents 3 faces of a model what is what the 2014 invention was intended to be, but was not really possible at the time. These are what are now known as DAOs and powered by what are now known as NFTs.

Essentially… Each person, place, thing, entity, etc., can be tokenized, leveraging that to produce far more economic value than they were able to previously.

On Fantom, this vision can finally happen. (It’s also nice that the project is finally funded.)

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