Introducing The New SHIRE Website, And Other Updates

We are happy to announce the release of the new website:

We continue to develop the Shire as well as UBI Plus, but will not rush development work. AI and synthetic consciousness are sensitive areas of research and development that must be carefully considered. In this respect we have also recently decided to approach the Shire from a more game-like perspective, as can be seen from some elements of the new website.

Introducing a few game mechanics can make the concept of human+AI collaboration more approachable as well as reduce the learning curve. It may also help to allay fears of a “Skynet” or ‘Matrix’-type evolution of the artificial intelligence algorithms. Whether or not it is a ‘game’ remains to be seen.

We are, once again, embarking on a new frontier of not only technology and finance but also of humanity. The Shire, along with Opera Token and UBI Plus, intends to be a part of this new world equation, economically empowering the average person in new and exciting ways.

The GOV token will become the SHIRE token, with swap details to be released in future. There is nothing for you to do until the protocol has been released. Note that the Noobots of the Shire may also make use of the SHIRE tokens for various purposes. The accessibility of GOV tokens will continue until the protocol is released and the first Noobots have had an opportunity to obtain tokens for use in the Shire using their own earned funds.

UBI Plus will be “Shire 2” and use the engine of the Shire to enable (and introduce) privately-funded UBI programs that are sustainable, very different from the publicly-funded (i.e., unsustainable) options being considered around the world by various national and local governments. UBI Plus not only presents a privately-funded solution to the UBI question but one that is AI-funded, a first.

This could be history in the making, and we’re happy that everyone can be a part of it. Here we go!

The AI Master Token — Artificial Intelligence Protocols on Fantom Opera Blockchain